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Ollixbar, 1719

In the lower kindom of Drovel, everything has fallen to shambles. How did it get here…. Let me explain- The kingdoms of Throosh and Drovel use to be one, under the rule of Jarimus Plavus. Jarimus had two sons- Olvir and Darameen. Olvir was the heir to take the throne of this vast kindom, but Darameen always had a problem with this. He was always hungry for power and he wanted the kingdom to himself. Jarimus was not a stupid man by any means, he saw this for many years. He even saw the attemps on his oldest sons life a few times. Though, he knew in his heart that it was Darameen who tried to have Olvir assassinated, he never had the soild proof that he needed. It was on Jarimus’ death bed that he decided that it would be best to split his kingdom in two, one for each of his sons, than to have just one and lead it to something even more dangerous than it had already become. This wasn’t enough for Darameen, he still wanted all the power. He has made attemps on his older brothers life many times since the kingdom was split, but never got the job done. Knowing that attemps would always be placed on his own life, he ruled with an iron fist and the southern kingdom suffered for it. He became so obsessed with the idea of assassins coming for him, he trusted nearly no one any further. He made it law that any non-human was to be run out of the civilized parts of Drovel, any magic users (that he did not appoint himself) were to be slain on sight and nobody was allowed to practice any form of religion without his personal blessing. Anyone caught doing this was to be slain on sight. Two years have passed since Darameen has taken the throne of Drovel and a rebelion is coming…

Basic info on how I will run my sessions on Fantasy Grounds II

  • Character build- For stat builds, standard roll 4d6, adding top three die. Do this 7 times and disregard lowest stat.
  • Class- Any core class or any “complete” base class is fine
  • Starting money- Whatever the base starting money is for your class from standard rules.
  • Deities- Just using the base deities from the Players Handbook.
  • Roleplay- I really enjoy good, heavy roleplay. Please understand your character (wants, desires, needs, etc.)
  • PLEASE NO METAGAMING!!!- This is something that I cannot stand. This is a game to play the role of another character. It really doesn’t matter how much you, as the player knows, it’s all about your character.
  • DM’s role- The way I DM to help make the experience more believable is there are certian Skills of yours that I will roll. It makes it better IMO when I do things this way. Example- I have a planned encounter and if I ask you to roll a listen check, well you would then, as a player, figure that something is going to happen. It makes it much better that if your character doesn’t hear anything to have it become a suprise for you and your character.
  • DM style- First and foremost, I am not a rules hound. I do follow the rules as much as I can, but logic will always overide rules. It makes the game much more fun and exciting.

Calendar for Tuzail


30 days to a month. 6 weeks to a month. The names of the days are as follows Saris, Torm, Plo, Livi and Kara


We are starting in the year of 1719, the third age. The calendar goes backwards in this land (so the year to follow will be 1718). This is all based on a prophcey that is tied to Drannis Hallinger. It is said that when he was born, the new age started and when the calander reaches 0, something drastic will happen to him. Either he will finally die or will be replaced.

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