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An introduction from Drannis Hallinger

Welcome, friend traveler. I have spent many of my days writing in this very book in which you now read. I have been asked time and time again to tell the tales of my adventures. Let me start by introducing myself. I am Drannis Hallinger, Holy Knight of the Seventh Temple of Light. We are also known as the “Heros of the North”.
Where do I begin……

Well, I was born on the day of 19, Ollixbar, the year of 3300, the Third Age. This much I know. I have done much and seen much. In my younger days, I was a devoted follower of Heronious and faithful servant of Mannis McKallistar. Through him, I learned a crusading life, dedicated to Heronious’ will. I became a Holy Knight at the young age of 13. Mannis always said that I showed great potential…Heh, if he could only see what his teachings have done for me today. It has also been said that I was touched by Heronious himself as a child. I have crusaded from the Great North to the reaches as far south as Drovel, in the land of Xantalar. I have made many friends and made many’a foe. Sit back for a moment and read the pages I have written. The notes and the faces I have met and seen. It’s all here, in this very book, telling the tales of the some 900 years I have walked these beautiful, yet dangerous lands. Walk with me, from the Western Lakes to the lands of the Far East. Listen the tale of an old man, for it may spark a interest in your eyes to see the many great things I have seen.
Welcome to the land of Tuzail……

Purple dragon knight

Home Page

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