Generic Notes Thus Far

*These are just the generic notes that I have been taking thus far. I will update them with more of a “story” feel to them as time goes on. *

Moro, Ollixbar 9, 1719
Temp. 18/-10 F, Cloudy, Heavy Snow, Wind 24

Up to this point, the Ranger and Wizard tamed the Griffon and took it back to the Moturu tribe and took the shark meat back to Prinn. They found out that Torvin’s sister was being held as a slave to a man named Wiks. He had agreed to let her free if they could bring him all of the ingredients for Ettercap Stew. Which Helena heard about from some traveling bards.

Harr, Ollixbar 17, 1719
Temp. -9/-31 F, Clear Sky, None, Wind 11

Talked about heading to the Snakebite mountians to start getting the Ettercaps. We got 3 of them but only managed to come up with 3 lbs of meat. We met Flint and Aramil.

Needin, Ollixbar 18, 1719
Temp. -1/-27 F, Clear Sky, None, Wind 17

Decided to rest for 5 days to help lick the wounds.

Wranin, Ollixbar 25, 1719
Temp. 25/4 F, Clear Sky, None, Wind 13

We get to the valley in the snakebite valley. Fought a Manticore and Torvin almost died. He was trapped in the jaws of the beast when Yawn set the final blow to it and the Manticores jaws locked down on Torvin nearly killing him. We needed to rest for 6 days to recover.

Ploin, Plaz 1, 1719
Temp. 19/-4 F, Partly cloudy, Heavy Snow, Wind 13

Headed for the river

Needin, Plaz 3, 1719
Temp. 17/-6 F, Clear Sky, None, Wind 11

Got to the river and found an Umber Hulk burrow hole and we sent Aramil down there tied up to Torvin. The rope came loose from Aramil and he fell to the bottom. Down there he found some Umber Hulk eggs and some coin and a few potions of healing. While down there, some boars came up and attacked us. We got the boars and then we had the Umber Hulk wanted its egg back. We ran like hell. Started the search for another Ettercap.

Wranin, Plaz 5, 1719
Temp. 4/-18 F, Clear Sky, None, Wind 10

After a couple of days of tracking, we come across 3 more Ettercaps and get the remaining meat. We are now headed back to town to give the ingredients to Wiks. Going to take 4 days of traveling.

Moro, Plaz 9, 1719
Temp. 13/-14 F, Clear Sky, None, Wind 12

Yawn went into town and got Aramil some parchment and the supplies that he needed so he could forge the paperwork to get into town. Aramil decided that he would not risk us to get into town. Yawn, Flint and Torvin went into town to see Wiks and get Helena freed. They went ahdead and made the stew and are awaiting the results. Torvin tried the stew and fell over and stopped breathing. At that time, Yawn left to go get help and was stopped by the town guards. He was able to just get escorted out of town. While this was happening, Flint was with Helena who was just flipping out and when Flint got her to calm down a little bit, he heard a thud come from the next room.
The thud came from Wiks hitting the ground in his room. Aramil placed himself outside of Wiks room and made some noise on the window to get him to look outside and when he did, he sneak attacked him in the throat, killing him instantly. They had a bit of a chase throughout the town and made their way to Mr.McDarimens. He told them of the resistance against Prinn and Drovel, ultimately. They agreed to help him and met Borvus. He will take them to the bandit hideout.

Wranin, Plaz 10, 1719
Temp. 17/-8 F, Clear Sky, Light Snow, Wind 15

They left to travel for 4 days to get to the bandit layer.

Needin, Plaz 13, 1719
Temp. 27/0 F, Partly cloudy, Light Snow, Wind 8

Get to the bandit layer. Aramil tries to sneak around to get a good look at what we might be up against. Flint suggests that they just draw them out. Borvus votes against this knowing these people and have at one time been a part of this clan. Aramil hides out around a corner when he hears a roamer coming. The patrol trips over him and Aramil has no choice but to run. He heads back to the rest of his party and they get drawn out anyway.
They get the horde from the bandits layer and take it back into town.

Harr, Plaz 17, 1719
Temp. 32/5 F, Clear Sky, Sleet, Wind 18

Get back to Prinn and Aramil and Yawn stay out of town, Borvus and Flint go in to talk to Mr.McD. They talk to him and get the boys equipped and Mr.McD tells them that they need to talk to Borvus about the Githyanki.

Needin, Plaz 18, 1719
Temp. 31/8 F, Clear Sky, Light Snow, Wind 5

Borvus and Flint get back together with Aramil and Yawn. Borvus tells the story about the Githyanki. They decide to head south to the river and fashion a raft to take the river to the coast.

Harr, Plaz 22, 1719
Temp. 25/-1 F, Partly cloudy, Heavy Snow, Wind 13

They get to the river and find that it is plenty deep enough for a raft. Aramil and Yawn found some perfect wood for the raft crafting. It will take 4 days to craft the raft.

Ploin, Plaz 26, 1719
Temp. 20/-6 F, Clear Sky, None, Wind 5

Take the raft for the maiden voyage.

Ploin, Mallandro 6, 1719
Temp. 38/11 F, Partly cloudy, Heavy Sleet, Wind 12

They came across a copper dragon that destroyed their raft and just wanted to talk to them. He was given a riddle that he could not answer and let them go.

Moro, Mallandro 9, 1719
Temp. 47/19 F, Cloudy, Heavy Rain, Wind 23

on this day, they found some tracks that look to be drow by the marching patterns and such.

Wranin, Mallandro 15, 1719
Temp. 40/16 F, Clear Sky, None, Wind 7

Ambush by drow. The drow were after the half-breed and were going to take him back to the underdark. They slew through the drow with great ease. We got to a narrow passage where Yawn went first to try to get across the narrow passage and fell into the ocean. Everyone took a dive down to get him except Aramil, who tried to climb down and fell anyways. We had a brief encounter with a couple of sharks and pulled Borvus off the bottom of the ocean. We then climbed back up top and made camp for the night.

Ploin, Mallandro 16, 1719Dari
Temp. 43/17 F, Clear Sky, Light Freezing rain, Wind 12

Woke up and tried to get across the narrow passage once more. Travel for the day and still not to the end of the trek. Make camp for the night, durning the night Borvus took off and left a note. He took off to check out the Githyanki.

Harr, Mallandro 17, 1719
Temp. 57/16 F, Partly cloudy, Rain, Wind 21

Yawn shares the note with everyone so they decide to approach the Githyanki to try to give them talks to help them. The Githyanki had Borvus captured and then demanded all possesions from the adventurers and took them prisoners and came up with the plan to have Aramil show them the entrance to the Underdark. once they show them this entrance, they will let them have all of their items back. During talks in the night, the GIthyanki find out that there are Mind Flayers in the underdark and they now make this a priority to get back their weapons and get to the underdark. Aramil had shown the Githyanki how to make explosives. They liked it very much so.

Needin, Mallandro 18, 1719
Temp. 61/31 F, Cloudy, Heavy Haze, Wind 8

Wake up to a hazey day to head out for the copper hills. When they woke up there were now about 30 Githyanki there. It will take them about 5 days to get to the base of the Copper Hills.

Needin, Mallandro 23, 1719
Temp. 57/32 F, Clear Sky, None, Wind 7

Yawn tracked the drow hunting party into the Copper Hills and found the entrance.

Ploin, Mallandro 26, 1719
Temp. 58/24 F, Partly cloudy, Severe Drizzle, Wind 12

They get to the Drow entrance and part ways with the Githyanki. We then decided to head west to the river branch and follow the river up to get back to Prinn.

Moro, Mallandro 29, 1719
Temp. 46/20 F, Cloudy, None, Wind 12

After 3 more das of travel, they come across a young green dragon. They had a great battle and Aramil turned the dragon into a stew. It’s going to take a couple of more days to get to the river. On this night, Yawn started to have some doubts about Mr. McDarimen. We ate quite well on some dragon stew on this night.

Ploin, Simpri 1, 1719
Temp. 46/19 F, Clear Sky, None, Wind 12

They get to the river and right away and take a much needed bath after the fight with the dragon. While they were bathing, they were visited by the young green dragons mother. The copper dragon they had met before was along to help with the fight. He tells them that some of his kind of been heading to the north almost uncontrolably. He is not sure what is happening. He said that he will meet them within a few days to help them out.

Moro, Simpri 4, 1719
Temp. 55/27 F, Clear Sky, None, Wind 9

They met up with Bozair and he gave them a candle that can keep them in communacation with him. He also tells them that he thinks that there may be an orb of dragonkind involved.

Harr, Simpri 7, 1719
Temp. 71/54 F, Partly cloudy, None, Wind 9

They return to Prinn and find the whole place is in shambles. They make way to Mr.McD’s place and find out that Daramieen Plavus has been killed. They then decide that they want to place the bombs around the tower that Sarim VonDu is located in. Aramil was able to get invisibility cast on him with spider climb and he made it up the tower to place the charges. Now we wait until Auril can re-prepare fireball.

Needin, Simpri 8, 1719
Temp. 80/51 F, Clear Sky, Heavy Haze, Wind 11

Once we got everything ready, Auril blew the hell out of the tower that VonDu was in. We decide that now is the time to help get the city back on its feet and bring in magic users and the sort to try to get the city to be availble to defend itself. Aramil and Yawn will try to get some of the elves from Yawns clan and Aramil will his pull to try to bring some dwarves from Galamthar. Borvus and Auril will be heading to find his secret teachers and bring back the powers of magic.

In this time, Yawn was able to get 25 elves to come to Prinn. Once they return Prinn they find that there are 200 elves that have come to the aid of Prinn. Auril was able to bring back 70 mages, 10 crafters and 5 instructors. Flint was able to get some info about the son of Plavus being held captive in the dungeons of Drovel. In this time that they were gone, a small band of mercs came from Karim’Tur to check on the town of Prinn. Under the command of Mr. McD, they were able to get them cornered in the main keep and slay them.

Needin, Parum 8, 1719
Temp. 29/5 F, Clear Sky, None, Wind 16


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