A dracolich that was created against his will


Dragon, gold, wyrm, dracolich; Wyrm gold dragon dracolich Sor17: CR 28; ECL 41; Size C; HD 38d12+380; hp 627; Init 4; Spd 60 ft, fly 250 ft (clumsy), swim 60 ft; AC 39, touch 2, FF 39; BAB +38/33/28/23/18; Grapple +71; Atk: +48 melee (4d8 + 17 + 1d6 cold, Bite), +45/45 melee (4d6 + 8 + 1d6 cold, claws), 45/45 melee (2d8 + 8 + 1d6 cold, wings), 45 melee (4d6 + 25 + 1d6 cold, tail slap); SA Breath weapon (70ft Cone of fire, 22d10, Ref DC 39), tail sweep (2d825), alternate form, spell-like abilities, luck bonus, detect gems, frightful presence (DC 40), control undead, paralyzing gaze, paralyzing touch; SQ Water breathing, fire subtype, immunities, DR 20/magic, blindsense, keen senses, SR 31, undead immunities, invulnerability, undead; SR 31; AL LG; SV Fort +31, Ref +21, Will +31; Str 45, Dex 10, Con 0, Int 30, Wis 31, Cha 32.
Skills and Feats: Concentration +48, Diplomacy +48, Disguise +48, Escape Artist +38, Heal +48, Intimidate +48, Knowledge (Arcana) +48, Knowledge (Geography) +48, Knowledge (History) +48, Knowledge (Planes) +48, Knowledge (Religion) +48, Listen +48, Search +48, Sense Motive +48, Spot +48, Swim +55, Use Magic Device +48; Cleave, Dodge, Flyby Attack, Great Cleave, Hover, Improved Initiative, Improved Sunder, Multiattack, Power Attack, Quicken Spell-Like Ability, Snatch, Weapon Focus.
Special Abilities: Blindsense, Breath Weapon, Frightful Presence, Spell Resistance.
Racial Spells Known: 0—Bless, Cure light wounds, Destruction, Divine favor, Geas/quest, Harm, Heal, Righteous might, Spell immunity, Sunburst.
Sor Spells Known (6/9/9/8/8/8/8/7/5/1): 0—Dancing lights, Detect magic, Detect poison, Ghost sound, Mage hand, Mending, Open/close, Read magic, Resistance, 1—Endure elements, Mage armor, Shield, 2—Bear’s endurance, Blur, Bull’s strength, Cat’s grace, Fog cloud, 3—Dispel magic, Haste, Slow, 4—Detect scrying, Dimension door, 5—Cloudkill, Dominate person, Teleport, 7—Greater scrying, Spell turning, 8—Maze.
Racial Spells Prepared: 0—Bless (3), Geas/quest, Sunburst.


This is to be learned…


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